Midterm elections 2014: Does one vote really make any difference?

By Steven Goransky, The Vision staff writer

Should people of faith spread the message to the world? Should people of faith care about America’s role on the world stage?  Should people of faith go to the voting booth? 

The Midterm elections are only a few weeks away and most people are not very pleased with how the last six years have progressed.. Or regressed.. Depending on your view. With the country $18 trillion in debt and unemployment the highest it has been decades, Ebola and other health threats, many people are very concerned. 

Students might want to vote if they would like their government to operate with integrity," said Tony Beam,Vice-President for Student Services, Director of the Christian Worldview Center at North Greenville University .  "So far the Obama Administration has lied about: Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Healthcare, The IRS Scandal, The Rise of ISIS, and those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head,
 said the radio personality.

"Students should vote because they can," said Beam.  "The vote is the most sacred gift we hold as Americans because we are one of the only Constitutional Republics in the world where checks and balances from the tyranny of the unchecked majority protect the minority.”

I agree with Beam’s thoughts on voting, and we share the concern that American’s no longer involve themselves in the inner workings of our government.

The American people are willingly burying their heads in the sand.

Dr. Tony Beam addresses the North Greenville University student body in Chapel. Photo by Steven Goransky

Dr. Tony Beam addresses the North Greenville University student body in Chapel. Photo by Steven Goransky

“Students should vote because the country is on the verge of handing their generation trillions of debt that will eventually fuel a stock market collapse and runaway inflation," said Beam.  The stock market is currently being pumped up by artificially low interest rates and artificially high debt service by printing obscene amounts of money.  

Beam pointed out that students should be concerned that their president is a moral leader as well as Commander-in-Chief and Chief Executive Officer.  "President [Barack] Obama has used the bully pulpit to change the moral temperature of the county by promoting gay marriage, a full-fledged gay agenda, and by refusing to enforce federal law as it relates to marijuana,” said Beam.

I have to agree again, these are my concerns also.

Beam also commented on the issue of immigration, which is likely to play a large part in the upcoming elections. “Student’s should vote if they believe borders have meanings," he said.  "The current Administration clearly wants to change the demographic makeup of the country for political purposes.  Hispanics, while often voting more conservatively in state and local elections, tend to vote Democrat in national elections because of their desire for amnesty and government giveaways.”

I have to say that I totally agree with Dr. Beam’s summary of the current situation.

I hear many people of faith quote reasons why we are charged to only express a passive love and compassion towards everyone. This has some truth on an individual basis, but if corruption is threatening your country, freedoms and family, you are charged with taking appropriate action --  and voting is the most appropriate action ever devised. When Jesus saw that thieves were using a house of worship for personal financial gain, He was not passive about firmly removing the corruption.

We are fortunate to have two local political commentary radio shows to stay up to speed on the politics that affect your life. With what our brave forefathers risked to give us this great country, I think we should make the effort to take action to hold on to what we have. With voter fraud issues still not completely resolved, every honest vote counts. Encourage your friends and family to get to the polls to vote in these crucial Midterm 2014 Elections.

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