Five quick and clever Halloween costumes you can make without leaving your house

Graphic by Sammy Dewey

Graphic by Sammy Dewey


Abbi Webb, Assistant Editor 

Halloween is approaching fast and this year make sure you don't get stuck spending way too much money on a overdone costume because you waited until the last minute. Here are five easy, eye-catching costumes that you can create without stepping foot outside your door.  

1. Self-Absorbed

Wear all black and use duct tape or safety pins to attach large colorful sponges all over you. You will have everyone laughing when you tell them you are 'self-absorbed.'

2. Lost TV Remote 

Use a rope or a long bungee cord to secure two couch cushions to the front and back of you. Dress in all black or grey. When people ask, tell them you are 'the lost TV remote.'

3. Identity Theft 

If you don't have any 'Hello My Name Is' stickers, you can make your own name tags with random first names written on them. Stick them all over your shirt and tell people you are 'identity theft.' So easy, right?

4. Static Cling 

Dress in a normal, day-to-day outfit. Use some safety pins to carefully attach some socks, dryer sheets, and hand towels to your clothes. Watch how people react when you tell them you are 'static cling.'

5. Quarter-Pounder

Find some quarters and grab your dad's hammer from the garage and tell people you are a 'quarter pounder.'