Latest news on the delayed job fair

Sammy Dewey, Staff Writer

Although the job fair has yet to happen, Student Services at North Greenville University has a great new idea in place to further develop the job fair experience.

Around this time, NGU usually promotes and hosts a job fair including a variety of companies from all across the southeast. Since nothing had been mentioned about this year's job fair, it was believed by many that this special event was cancelled. Although this is not true, Student Services has decided to delay this event. 

Student Services is hoping that NGU will fully support the idea of redeveloping the fair into an annual event called “Professional Development Week” instead of a one-day event. Joshua Putnam is always asking the question “How we can better serve our students” and he believes this is a great opportunity to accomplish that goal.

Some of the week’s activities would most likely include workshops, interviewing skills and professional career development tools. Students are encouraged to attend, so more companies will show up in the future. The plan is “trying to get more students involved with professional development skills,” said Putnam.

The point of this new idea is to get students more involved. There was a good turnout last year, but most students did not attend and mostly consisted of a small group of seniors. Hopefully this new and improved job fair event will spark more interest and “cater to all groups of people,” says Putnam.

As November approaches, be on the lookout for more information concerning this new approach to the job fair as it is expected to be take place sometime late in the month.