What you need to know about Michele Schaich

Michele Schaich, photo courtesy of North Greenville University. 

Michele Schaich, photo courtesy of North Greenville University. 

By Maressica Sawyer, Staff Writer 

“Basically, God sent me here,” said new professor Michele Schaich. 

Schaich saw that there was a need for a literary specialist in the elementary education department of North Greenville University. She had the qualifications and applied for the job, interviewed and got the position. 

This fall, Michele Schaich joined the faculty of the College of Education. She is an assistant 
professor as well as a chair of the elementary education department. She teaches junior and 
senior elementary education majors in children’s literature, language arts methods and 

Schaich has a Bachelor of Arts degree in elementary education and masters of education in 
learning disabilities from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Right now, she is a 
doctoral candidate at Gardner-Webb University. 

She has had over 20 years of experience in North Carolina public schools as an elementary 
assistant principal, literacy coach, reading specialist, special education teacher, academically 
gifted teacher and classroom teacher. 

“She is a challenging teacher because she really wants us to know our material,” said senior 
Kassidy Reynolds. 
According to Reynolds, Shaich is very approachable, personable and willing to work with her 
students. She is nice but challenges her students at the same time. 

“I love that this is a place where I can be open about my faith,” said Schaich about North 

One fun fact about Schaich is that she loves horses. She lives on a 500-acre horse farm near 
Asheville, NC. She is married with a 17 year-old son and an exchange student from China. In 
addition to her 8 horses, she has 2 Great Pyrenees dogs.