Need something to round out your schedule? Try these classes, all tested by our staff

Tiffany Cobb, The Vision Online Staff Writer

Fall Break is quickly approaching and as exciting as that may be, it also means there are some pretty big decisions coming up. Spring class registration begins on Monday, October 20 and here at The Vision Online, we understand how difficult it can be to get elective hours, make your semester not as tedious, or to make sure you have a full schedule. To make it easier for you and to add some fun in your life, here are some classes you can take at North Greenville that are both fun, educational, and can greatly benefit your future. All of these classes were taken by our Staff Writer and she thoroughly enjoyed them.

Photo Credit: Lauren Gravely  Jonathan Rentz, instructor, admits Tiffany is better at archery than he expected. 

Photo Credit: Lauren Gravely

Jonathan Rentz, instructor, admits Tiffany is better at archery than he expected. 

 Archery – 1 credit hour

Taught by Johnathan Rentz, archery is a once-a-week class that can teach you skills in patience, hand-eye coordination, strength, and be a way to escape to crazy life. Rentz is a trained archery instructor who will take you step-by-step through the entire process. You can not nor will you touch a bow until he feels you can do so safely. You’ll learn proper technique and a brief history of archery throughout time. Archery is sure to be a relaxed class with an emphasis on practical use rather than “just getting good grades”.

Bowling – 1 credit hour

Ever wanted to attend class five times in a semester, bowl 16 games, write one paper, take a short test and be done with a class? Then bowling is perfect for you. Jeff Briggs, an ex-professional kegler (the official tern for someone who bowls) is passionate about the sport. He will walk you through the technical side of bowling down to how many slats of wood are in the average bowling lane, tell you where bowling is thought to have originated, and then set you free to experience bowling first-hand. Bowling games are done in your own time wherever pleases you, as long as you bowl the 16 games and write about your experience. Outcome? A short class with fun benefits.

 American Red Cross First Aid and Personal Safety – 3 credit hours

If you want a class that will teach you about post-apocalyptic prepping, avalanche survival and how to pull a classmate and a “child” from a “car that is about to explode”, then First Aid is the class for you. First Aid meets just once a week and usually does not last the full three hours. It is a fun and interactive class that will teach you not only everyday emergency preparedness but also long-term disaster awareness. The best part of this class, however, is at the end of the semester, when you will be certified in the American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers (CPR and AED) Program and receive a certification card.

 Dance for the Musical Theatre – 2 credit hours

Ever wanted to learn the basics of tap, jazz, ballet and contemporary dance in a relaxed Christian atmosphere or maybe brush up on your steps from childhood classes? Did you know that a basic dance class is offered for North Greenville students through the theatre program? Any student can take this class and it is incredibly fun, but you will have to work. You are not graded, however, on how well you execute the moves, but instead, how hard you try. Bess Park has danced professionally and taught for many years and is more than qualified to teach this fun and exciting class.