Five of NGU's most misunderstood majors

By Carlee Colvard, Staff Writer

Are you guilty of stereotyping different majors at North Greenville? Have you wondered if Education majors spend all their time coloring or if the Psychology majors are constantly analyzing you? We are all guilty of stereotyping different majors. However, our stereotypes just might be incorrect.


Mass Communication Majors

Have you ever walked through the stud and peered into the glass windows of the Mass Communication department only to see students aimlessly "wasting their time" sitting on the couch watching television? We all have. For years, the Mass Communication majors have dealt with the blows of students who tell them all they do is watch movies. Well, dear reader, where exactly do you think those movies come from? That's right - they come from filmmakers who started out at some college learning about Mass Communication. Next time you see these students spending their extra time in between classes to watch some TV, just remember that you might be watching one of their movies in the future.

Education Majors

Education majors may spend some of their time coloring and playing with kids when they are not singing songs for a physical education class, but is that all they do? Of course not. They have classes just like everyone else that require maximum effort. They spend their time preparing to teach the future generation of America. That's a big deal. Instead of thinking Education majors have it easy, because they don't, remember that they're the ones who are learning how to one day teach your children in the classroom setting. 

Outdoor Leadership Majors

Now let us address the Outdoor Leadership majors, or should we say "granolas"? Many of these students are wrongly classified as the Chaco-wearing, granola-eating, grass-loving people who go camping way too often. Sure, those things are great, but Outdoor Leadership majors play an important role - they know how to take a leadership position in navigating the outdoors and they understand how to care for God's creation. Next time you're in the woods and get lost, just think about how you called that Outdoor Leadership major a granola and see who comes to bring you a compass - not the granola, that's who.

Psychology Majors

Have you ever been talking to a Psychology major and had fear deep down inside that they might just be analyzing you for a psychological disorder? Perhaps you have a phobia of psychology majors or are dealing with sever paranoia that they may diagnose you with something terrible. No need to fear. Not all psychology majors are continually analyzing your behavior. Have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, they're humans too and don't want to think about school work all the time? Next time you socialize with one of these Psychology majors, remember that they might just want to have a normal conversation. 

Sport Management Majors

What do you think of when you hear the term "Sport Management majors"? Most people think these people have the high aspiration of obtaining the dignified position of the coach of a little league tee ball team. Yes, that is a very dignified position, but believe it or not, Sport Management majors do have higher goals. These majors learn how to not only facilitate a sporting event, but also how to fundraise for certain sporting events and even work with health promotions and other academic affairs. Maybe next time you go to a football game, you might remember that someone had to facilitate that event and maybe you'll be a little more thankful for the Sport Management majors here on campus.