It happens: awkward situations we all experience

Kristy Lynn Bridges, The Vision Staff

1. You’re peacefully sitting in class and all of a sudden you’re assaulted by a cold chill that sends you into a dramatic convulsion. You’re not about to see if anyone was looking. You’re almost 100% sure the whole class just saw it.

2. You’ve been waiting to tell your friends this story all day. You’re approaching the best part of the whole thing. You’re so excited your arms are flying in all different directions. Lord forbid anyone walk by you, lest they be severely injured. Alas, it happens. An innocent bystander has wandered into your line of fire. It’s awkward enough injuring a friend, but a stranger? Good luck recovering from that one.

3. You’re just starting to make friends with this person, but she's going in for a hug. Are you ready for this? Probably not, but you’ll go along with it anyways. Here it comes. Jesus take the wheel. Just as you go in for the hug, it becomes apparent that neither of you know which direction your face is going and before you know it, you’re side profile just made contact with her side profile. New Rule: Everyone go right.

4. Not only was that person at the top of the stairs not waving at you, but in the process of you waving back, the front of your shoe caught the edge of the next step. You just stumbled all over yourself. Fortunately, you avoid destroying your face on the cement. Count your blessings.

5. The text you just read is hilarious. You always knew your friend was funny, but this was totally unexpected. Unfortunately for you, you decided to read this comical masterpiece while your professor was in the middle of an important lecture. Being the trooper that you are, you attempt to hold down the laughter, but you can’t help yourself. You are now sitting in a giant room of people doing the “suppressed laugh”. You aren't making too much sound, but you’ve made enough of a scene to draw attention. You’re embarrassed, but you just can’t stop laughing no matter how bad you want to. Not only is this awkward, but now you look obnoxious. A round of applause for that text and this extremely awkward situation.

Photos by Kristy Lynn Bridges, Staff