A POTUS for 2016 that Christians can really get behind: CARSON

Steven Goransky , Staff Writer

 Photo by Truth for a New Generation

 Photo by Truth for a New Generation

Conservatives have been praying for someone to run for president in 2016 who has a unique blend of talents and experiences.  For America to have a leader with sound Christian principles will demand a special balance of characteristics and Ben Carson is most certainly unique.

The conservatives have six or seven people who could really handle the job and get America back on track, but they also have some 20 people who would be the wrong person at the wrong time, when we cannot afford another weak candidate.The last two nominees that the Republican Party chose almost seem as though they wanted to lose.

Carson is not a professional politician and many people seem to think that would disqualify him; on the contrary, I would take this on a case-by-case basis. In Carson’s case, this is a plus that would be at the foundation of his platform to run on. Politics does require some savvy, but character can easily put this all into perspective. Just give us an honest man and I believe the greater part of America will follow. Wise presidents surround themselves with the best of the best and gather many views, but then should make decisions based on wisdom of what is sound for all of the people and for the Republic itself, not based on payback to special interests. Professional politicians seem to equal deals with the special interests. Maybe a strong private sector leader could break that pattern and even reorganize a few standards.

What is the fine balance of traits that Carson possesses that makes him a great candidate to stop this downward slide to mediocrity or even disaster?

1. Hard work: In his childhood he discovered that work was the foundation of most accomplishments, and he has accomplished many things. A gifted neurosurgeon, his expertise in medicine gives him an inside understanding of what America needs to allow healthcare to function for everyone.

2. Family Values: He was raised in a strong, single-parent home in a Detroit neighborhood that had many challenges. He knew many single parent families and he saw the value of a father, and the fact that a family with two parents is inherently more stable. 

3. Compassion and morality: The medical field is a great testing ground for compassion towards others and seeing difficult moral choices on a daily basis. Money is a powerful tool, but Carson knows that experts in the field must apply capital efficiently, not as bureaucrats who treat capital as only figures on a piece of paper. But there is another capital that is needed -- time, valuing each individual, putting in the hours. People require real quality one-on-one interaction; they are not cattle run through a rodeo. This also means life -- from the beginning, to the end -- life is sacred.

4. Racial Healing: Carson is a great example of how conservative values are good common sense. Racism is an issue from the 19th century; today we have what I like to term as “culturism”. Many cultures have been exploited with lies and manipulations. Political correctness is often just censorship of the truth for someone else’s gain. Censorship and propaganda were key elements of World War II. Is the human condition so blind as to repeat these mistakes? I see Carson as a role model that all of America, all races, all cultures could follow to a higher ground.

5. Patriotism: America is the land of the individual; in other lands the individual is disposable. The world needs to value the strength of the individual. The world will have a dominate power; who will it be? Will it a world of tyrannical systems that with little chance of expression? Or will it be a world that is allowed to reflect the image that we are cast in? Carson knows America’s place on the world stage. Carson knows Israel’s place on the world stage.

6. Faith: I like his style. Carson does not feel that he needs to take a Bible and beat you over the head with it; he just explains things with a clear calm wisdom. He can describe scenarios with secular terms and never reference his God, but the wisdom is there. Carson is not ashamed of his faith; he is just very discreet on how and when he brings his faith into the conversation. In today’s environment with conflicts between religions and atheists, his discretion in wording is a gift.

My first exposure to Carson was from a movie titled Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story. The description sounded interesting and it was based on a true story. I consider a movie based on real life as educational, so, I watched it. America loves a story of triumph over obstacles and of rags to riches. This story has both. I greatly urge you to look this movie up. Also Carson has written a book with his talented wife Candy Carson, titled One Nation: What We Can All Do to Save America’s Future, which I highly recommend that you take time to read.

I attended Truth for a New Generation. I enjoyed every speaker, but Carson was the main draw. I believe that I witnessed a speech from an important speaker. Few men are ever in the position that Carson is in; he could be the hinge that history swings on. Carson recently switched from an independent to the Republican Party. He has announced his candidacy proud and early. He is going to run. “Run, Ben, Run” is a slogan seen all over social media. Even if Carson does not win the nomination of the Party; his running could, would, should have a profound effect on American politics for a long time to come. I would like to encourage people of faith to support a  POTUS for 2016 that Christians can really get behind: God bless Ben Carson. God bless America again.