5 Unavoidable Holiday Situations

Kristy Lynn Bridges, Staff Writer

The Holidays really are the most wonderful time of the year. Whether it's the mountain of dishes or an overcrowded house, the holidays come with a few not so wonderful things to tackle. Although they are awkward and annoying at times, they are a small price to pay for the lifelong memories that are made every time family and friends join together. Which of these situations do you dread the most?


Some people would argue that eating is the best part of the holidays, but there is always that one mom, aunt or grandmother that thinks you haven’t eaten enough. After a feast like this, you could sleep for a solid month. No thanks Grandma. No really, I should’ve stopped eating two full plates ago.


The Sleepover

Having out-of-state family members stay at your place overnight can be a very interesting experience. Everyone talks, laughs and tells stories for hours until it’s time to go to sleep, but how long can the excitement last? When you're constantly tripping over luggage, listening to children scream and cleaning up after twice as many people than you're used to, it gets old really fast.


Gift Giving

Sure, it’s great to receive gifts, but giving them can be nerve racking. Of course you want to be around when your favorite cousin opens the gift you picked out  for her, but you don’t want to have to act like you aren't picking up on her “No, really, I love it” act if your gift turns out to be a flop.


"No, really, I love it."

It’s one thing to see the act play out, but it’s a totally different ballgame when you're the actor. You love your uncle, but he’s never been great at this gift giving thing. It’s not that you aren't appreciative, but seriously, he hasn't given a useful Christmas gift since 1997.


The Cleanup


All the leftovers have been eaten, the last relative has started his journey back home and now it’s time to clean up. Children have been running around spilling things. Sleeping bags are strewn across the floor. There are dishes to wash, furniture to polish and floors to vacuum. You might want to grab some gloves, this is going to get gross really quickly. Don't complain too much. It'll all be worth it in the end.


Photos by Kristy Lynn Bridges