"Left Behind": success or disappointment?

By Maressica Sawyer, Staff Writer

“Left Behind,” starring Nicolas Cage leaves fans of this series disappointed.

 According to Tampa Bay Times, bad acting and production slaughtered the original “Left Behind” released in 2000. Critics are not huge fans of the remake, either.

 The new “Left Behind,” released in October of 2014 is accused by Christian audiences of not being evangelistic enough, and by secular movie critics as “too preachy.”

 According to USA Today, “Left Behind” will be viewed by the “church crowd” regardless of the reviews, but has missed a chance to reach a broader audience.

The special effects are better in the new movie because of the advances in technology, and really add to the action and disaster in this film.

 “The newest movie barely mentions the gospel and why the rapture happened. The old one accurately displayed the gospel in a way any audience can recognize,” said freshman Laura Stephens.

picture courtesy of  IMDB

picture courtesy of IMDB

 The sad part about the beginning of Cage’s “Left Behind,” is that the first half hour of the movie shares the message that Christians are crazy. After the Rapture scene ends, the message changes from “Christians are crazy” to “the Christians were right.”

 The original movie sticks really close to the message in the books by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. The recent remake is barely relatable to the original movie, and not even close to the books.

 “Left Behind” is a movie that might not be worth watching according to many different critics, but decide for yourself if you think it is good or bad.