Miss NGU's cause and how you can become involved

By Carlee Colvard, Staff Writer

Samantha Monteith is crowned Miss NGU 2015.

Samantha Monteith is crowned Miss NGU 2015.


Samantha Monteith, Miss NGU 2015, said, “I love the quote, ‘God does not call the qualified, but He qualifies the called.’”

She said that if God calls you to do something, He will bring you through it, which is exactly how she felt when she stepped out of her comfort zone and signed up for the Miss NGU pageant. Monteith was crowned Miss NGU 2015 on October 18 in Turner Chapel.

Monteith did the competition because it is her senior year and she wanted to experience things she had not experienced in her previous years at North Greenville University.

Monteith’s platform for her Miss NGU title is “Becoming a Global Citizen.”

Montheith said, “It’s different because my platform is personal to me because I’m interested in international affairs.”

She stated, “A global citizen is someone who is aware of what is going on in the world and is active and involved in global events, whether that means being an advocate or taking a trip. The goal is to get people involved and make them realize there is more happening around the world than just where they live. We’re all God’s children, and I think it’s important that we take care of each other and look out for each other.”

She encourages students to get involved and become global citizens.  She says a easy way to get involved is to simply read the news online, watch it on the television or even listen to it on the radio.

Monteith stated, “Everything is connected and we’re all connected through Christ because He’s sovereign over all.”

Monteith is actively involved in her cause through her internship with the Peace Corps. She said she will be at North Greenville and in the surrounding Greenville area promoting the Peace Corps and answering questions.

She encourages students to get involved in an organization like the Peace Corps.

Monteith said that going with a missions organization or studying abroad “gives you a greater appreciation for different ways of life and helps keep you open minded.”

Monteith wants to use her title to increase awareness for the need of global involvement and inspire others to make a difference around the world.