News Briefs- 11/3/14

Campus news

Men's and Women's Conference

Guest Speakers and Christian authors Clayton and Sharie King came to North Greenville University to host the Men’s and Women’s conference from November 3-5. 


Still in need of cultural event credits? Remember, you need three per semester. Get your tickets now to see “Quilters” at the Billingsley Theatre.

Local News


An upstate man was outsmarted by con-man after selling his car at a gas station and being  payed with fake bills.

SC elections

Voters in South Carolina decided against a 1 percent sales tax for road improvements and re-elected incumbent Nikki Haley as Governor on Tuesday.

Photo: Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY)

Photo: Robert Deutsch, USA TODAY)

National News

WTC repopens

Thirteen years after 9/11, the brand new World Trade Center reopens for business.

ISIS wannabes detained

Hearings began in Chicago for two minors, 16 and 17 years old, who were detined at Chicago's O'Hare Airport  last month on suspician they intended to join an older sibling already in Syria as an ISIS militant.

The jailed Mohammed Hamzah Khan was the only one charged, but prosecutor Richard Hiller said Khan’s 16-year-old brother and 17-year-old sister were also passionate about the Islamic State. Hiller said the girl once used the Twitter handle (at)DeathIsTheeNear to send a favorable tweet about a video of beheadings – even placing a smiley emoticon in the text.

Diva grabs fan's phone

Diva Diana Ross confiscated an audience member’s phone mid-performance at the 20th Anniversary MAKE-A-WISH-BALL.


Syrians slain

On Monday, Islamic State militants shot and killed 36 men, women and children in public.  More than 200 people have been killed in Syria recently by ISIS.

Stolen icon

(Christof Stache, File/Associated Press)

(Christof Stache, File/Associated Press)

Gate with the famous slogan “Arbeit Macht Frei” was stolen from Dachau, the former Nazi Concentration camp.