Why did you pick your major? Q & A with your fellow students on their major choice

Tiffany Cobb, The Vision Online Staff Writer

With over 40 degrees to choose from, incoming freshman are easily overwhelmed when hearing the question, “What are you majoring in?”

Have no fear. We all struggle with choosing one thing we want to do for the rest of our lives, especially if you have a broad range of interests. Some of our students weighed in on what influenced to choose their major and what they do to escape the stress of growing up in this crazy world.

A Junior Biology major, Isaac Loseke fills us in on his future lifestyle.

Photo Courtesy of Isaac Loseke

Photo Courtesy of Isaac Loseke

What made you chose to study Biology?  

I've just always been good at school and wanted to major in something that would challenge me. I've also had a desire to use my career in a way that others can benefit from.

After you graduate, where do you plan to continue with your degree?

My plan is to attend med school at UNC and possibly take my degree to a third world country.

What helps you through the rough days?

It comes down to the fact that I refuse to give up and I know I can't slack off at all because med school is really not an option if I make lower that a 3.5 GPA so choosing to procrastinate can demolish my future plans.

Is there a particular professor who has influenced you during your time at NGU?

I'd have to say Dr. Marks. He has seriously challenged my learning capabilities and encouraged me through his passion for organic chemistry and how he seeks to glorify God through it.

If biology isn’t your forte but writing has been of interest, have you considered Mass Communication? NGU offers both Print Journalism and Broadcast Journalism, Carli Frady, a sophomore in Print Media, talks about her passion.

Photo Courtesy of Carli Frady

Photo Courtesy of Carli Frady

Why did you choose Print Media?

I chose Print Media because I love writing [and] being able to do that on a daily basis is my dream.

How do you plan on using your degree?

After graduation, I hope to land a job writing for a fashion magazine.

What do you do when you are discouraged about your profession?

I usually just talk to God about it. I cast my anxieties unto Him.

Who fuels your passion to continue studying Print Journalism?

Lara Eller has made me appreciate my major so much more since coming to North Greenville. She has a passion for student success and I admire her for that.

Photo Courtesy of Luke Willey

Photo Courtesy of Luke Willey

Luke Willey, who is in his final year, weighs in on the benefits of being a history major.

What drew you to study history?

I chose to study history because I love the stories of the past, and I figured I might as well spend four years studying something I enjoy.

Once finished with school, what would you like to do?

After graduation, I'm planning on beginning a career in law enforcement.

How do you cope with the stress of studying?

When my major gets tough, I bail out and watch 'The Office' and then finish two seasons in a day.

Who is someone that has encouraged you during your time at NGU?

Mr. Boggs has had a huge impact on me during my time here. Hopefully, I'll be able to emulate his approach to historical narratives.

John Carino, a Junior uses his natural theater ability in his Musical Theatre degree.

Photo Courtesy of John Carino

Photo Courtesy of John Carino

Why Musical Theatre and not just theatre?

I picked Musical Theatre because I've always loved to sing, and I took a class in high school about musical theatre and it was really awesome to learn about all these themes that the shows would touch on and how they used music to get the message across, because I think that music has a way of getting to even the most closed off people. Everyone likes music. You can listen to someone speak and zone out but when you hear a song, the lyrics get stuck in your head. And acting is fun. You get to be different people and play dress up.

Once you graduate, what is your next goal in life?

After graduation... I'd like to move to a city and work in a theater in their box office or constructing their sets, and still act in my free time.

How do you deal with the busy and stressful life of being a theatre major?


Who is one professor that has guided you through your college experience?

The professor that's helped me the most would have to be my voice lessons teacher Dr. Greene. She's one the few teachers here that takes time to personally get to know her students and actually cares about our well being.

Photo Courtesy of Anna Copelan

Photo Courtesy of Anna Copelan

Anna Copelan, knows the busy life of not only being a music major, but doubles as a music education major.

Why music education?

I have always loved teaching and singing so why not put them together and spread my love for music to other generations.

What would you do like to do with your degree?

I hope to become a middle school choral teacher.

How do you make it through the stressful days of your major?

One thing that helps me get through the day is knowing that even when my major gets tough, I am doing it all for God's glory and not my own.

Is there anyone who has helped you through your college career?

Mrs. Cason she has been a huge encouragement when it gets tough. She wants to see students succeed in music and is an Awesome theory teacher.