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Tiffany Cobb, The Vision Online Staff Writer 

Photo courtesy of Ledi  Yzeiraj Hebibasi    Quick snapshot of my  travels  in Albania. 

Photo courtesy of Ledi Yzeiraj Hebibasi

Quick snapshot of my travels in Albania. 

Ummm hi. I’m Tiffany Cobb. I’m the one who wrote all the sarcastic articles, taught you unimportant things about Jimmy Epting and took a “selfie” with Delvin Choice for a story because my DSLR camera died during the event. You may know me better as my beloved “Tiffany Cobb, The Vision Online Staff Writer."

I’m so much more than a staff writer though. I’ve lasted through four and a half years of college, I spent a summer traveling Europe and I love the Oxford comma even though proper AP style says its isn’t appropriate in journalism.

I’ve only written for the Vision Online/Skyliner for this semester. I tried a few years ago, but as a scared freshman – it just didn’t work out. Writing is my passion, however.  It will always be how I can best express myself. Spoken word is too easily confused with intonation and art evokes no emotions for me, but writing is a whole new world. Being able to reach millions of people at one time is a feeling you can’t replicate and writing does that for me. I can hide my secretly introverted self behind a screen and become a totally different person. No, not a different person – the real me.

This semester has opened that door for me. I was given the ability to take an idea and turn it into my own. Over the past 14 weeks, I wrote stories I never would have imagined writing, like about the golf team volunteering to renovate a prison into a homeless shelter or a review for a restaurant I’d never eaten at and couldn’t reach the owner. It pushed me to find different angles and as much as I hated it, it was actually good for me.

So as I leave this institution (some would wonder what kind of institution if you’ve heard me stress about the upcoming weeks), I bid you all adieu. I’ll be in Greenville for a few more years, but after that you’ll have to look me up in Vienna, Austria where I’ll be serving as a traveling photojournalist for TWR (formally known as Trans World Radio).

I could end this article with a wise quote, some sage advice or even a funny limerick, but instead I think I’ll just say, “Peace out, home-skillet. Keep it real and don't be too stupid.”

Adviser's Note:  Continuing a tradition begun with NGU's student newspaper, "The Skyliner," many years ago, we have asked graduating staff members to write a "farewell column."  Look for them throughout finals' week.