News Briefs 12/3/14


Bobby Mosley Sr. and J. Michael Caldwell are to appear in court.  They have been charged in a federal indictment for conducting an illegal gambling business since 2005 and may have to forfeit more than $242 million if found guilty.

 Kuka Juice, a local Greenville Juice company, opened its own storefront; located next to the Lululemon store and near Rick's Deli and Market on West Camperdown Way in downtown Greenville.

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A man, Larry McQuilliams, was killed in Austin, Texas, after shooting at the local police station and trying to burn the Mexican Consulate. Authorities say he had extremist views.

In Honolulu, Hawaii volcano, Kilauea, poses a threat to burning the small town of Pahoa. 

(Photo : Wikimedia Commons )

(Photo : Wikimedia Commons )


A team at Oxford University has recently discovered that the HIV virus is not as strong as it used to be. According to their findings, the virus is weakening and slowing down as it mutates to adjust to human immune systems.

Schools in England are pushing their teachers to promote British values such as democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different beliefs as a counter attack against the threat of Muslim extremist values.

 One of the original copies of Shakespeare's first folio has been discovered in a library in Saint-Omer, near Calais in northern France.  The new copy could give remarkable insight into how Shakespeare originally intended his plays to be performed and his characters portrayed.