November's difference maker lights up any room she walks into

Tiffany Cobb, The Vision Online Staff Writer 

Photo Courtesy of Photography Anthology - Ashley Campbell 

Photo Courtesy of Photography Anthology - Ashley Campbell 

If you’ve heard an infectious laugh radiate through the stud, seen long brown hair whipping in the wind or heard an encouraging biblical truth, then you’re probably a lucky student of North Greenville who knows Mattie King.

A natural “people person”, King leads a busy life as a junior, early-education major and sales associate at Altar’d State at Haywood Mall, but she still leaves time to talk to anyone about anything. King has proven time and time again to be the friend you can go to and when you walk away be completely at peace. She simply breathes biblical peace.

As a junior, King has taken many classes but her most influential class was Child Developmen. She says, “I find it fascinating to follow life from birth and on. Learning about how both the body & mind change & expand over time was intriguing, even on a spiritual level.”

When not in classes, King is being sent on trip worldwide for mission work. She said, “I don’t go looking for these trips. God just opens these doors to do things I never thought were possible.” King has ministered in San Francisco; Bangkok, Thailand; Portland, Oregon; Fortaleza, Brazil and New York City and is looking forward to wherever God is leading her next.

 “I like to discover -- places, people, things. I believe that God has placed His goodness and beauty all around us and in us. I want to see and experience as much of it as possible,” she said. King is rarely stationary. She loves to go, do, explore the city she is placed in and can find the good in any situation. “It's all about listening and being willing and available – and actually believing He holds all things in His hands,” she said.

King is constantly pushing herself to grow in her faith. “I'm learning a lot lately about honoring God in the everyday routine --as a full-time employee, a student, a daughter and a friend. He's placed me in each of those roles. Although they don't sound spectacular, they're important. There's something extraordinary about living an ‘ordinary’ life well. It's so rare. It’s about truly caring about each through Heaven's eyes. “

To encourage students to make it through whatever they’re going through whether it be finals or a spiritual trial, King said, “Be honest with yourself and trust that The One who holds your future is for you, not against you. It is going to be okay, loves.”