Difference Maker of the week: Megan Lindler

Miss NGU 2013

Miss NGU 2013

Lights, glitz and glam may seem like the only things needed to be Miss North Greenville University; however, this coveted title also requires a great amount of tenacity, chutzpah and heart.

The winner of Miss NGU 2013, Megan Lindler, junior, said, “Being Miss NGU is more than just winning a competition, as some of my many responsibilities include presenting awards and making appearances at any event which may benefit the school and promote my position.”

Lindler said she competed in her first pageant on her first birthday.  Since then, pageants have been a mainstay in her life.

“I feel most comfortable onstage,” said Lindler.

As part of her work for upcoming Miss S.C. competition, Lindler must raise money for Children’s Miracle Network. As part of her fundraising, she will visit a Children’s Miracle Network hospital.

Not only does she have a heart for children in need, but she also has a heart for animals. Her platform for the competition is preventing domestic animal abuse.

While she has always had a passion for animals, it was while she was a student at Newberry College that this passion grew.

Lindler said her ultimate goal of her platform is to save as many animals from abuse and to teach people how to recognize the telltale signs of animal abuse as well as how to report it.

She said, “I volunteered at an animal shelter and saw how [the animals] came in, what happened to them, and [I] felt so much joy when they left happy. I knew that I wanted to continue helping.”