New aviation minor allows pilots to get college credit

Faith Auslund
Magazine assistant editor


A new  Aviation minor will expand North Greenville University’s academic catalog in 2014. The main goal of the aviation program is to enable students to get their pilots license at the U.S. Aero Tech flight school, and the hours of work will count as college credits.

“Once they get their license, they then can come up here, and we will give them credit for those courses,” explained Thomas Allen, college of science professor.

The credits will translate into a minor. These students must then enroll in NGU and complete a degree program of their choice. Students will be required to have completed the entire aviation program before attending NGU.

Assistant professor of History and Political Science Paul Yandle said, “I think there are probably a lot of people who are going to be interested in either being missionary pilots or using skills as a mechanic. It just adds one more element to your skill set if you are wanting to go to the mission field,”

He continued, “In the case of the aviation program, I think it’s a very good idea because NGU is teaming with an outside company. I think it will bring in new students….The opportunity came, and the administration is running with it.”