Students respond to Ignite's message

By Maressica Sawyer , The Vision Online Staff Writer

Students on the stage in Turner Chapel who responded to the invitation during Ignite 2014.

Students on the stage in Turner Chapel who responded to the invitation during Ignite 2014.

Ignite 2014 called our campus to focus on the Lord as the school year began,” 
said Steve Crouse, vice president for campus ministries. 

Tony Nolan, evangelist and founder of TNT Ministries, based in Canton, Ga. preached in the chapel services during the first week of school. The teaching pastor for Freedom Church in Acworth, Ga. and for SouthCrest Church in Newnan, Ga. challenged all students to take hold of their faith and grow in the Lord. 

Justin Mathis, a fifth year senior, said, “Bringing in a dynamic speaker, like Tony 
, was a good way to get the message across. I like the change of tone and pace, it 
was a good change this year.” 

There were a total of 167 responses to Christ during the Ignite services, said Crouse. Of the 
167 responses, 56 of these were salvations, he added. There have been more students to receive Christ during other services since the start of the semester. “So far I know of 80 students who have received Christ,” said Crouse. 

Freshman Evan Neas is one of the students who responded to the invitation during 
the first chapel service. “I think that when Tony Nolan came to speak to us during 
Chapel, it really opened my eyes to Christ for the first time," he said.  "I’ve always considered 
myself to be a Christian without walking as a disciple, so in that time and moment I knew 
I had to make a decision because I was tired of pretending. I felt nervous but welcomed 
by my University.” 

During the invitation during the Ignite services, fellow students were cheering and 
clapping for the students that were walking up onto the stage.  “It was really cool to see people who could have grown up in church hear the gospel  differently and finally get it,” said Alex Miller, a freshman print media major.