5 Noteworthy Documentaries Streaming on Netflix Now

1. Fading West (2014)

"Fading West" is a documentary film following the rock band, Switchfoot, around the world during their 2012 World Tour. The film showcases the three things the band loves most: music, surfing, and traveling. 

2. On A Mission (2012)

"On a Mission" follows Tim Tebow through his fame and faith as a NFL football star. This is sure to be a good film for all football fans to watch. 

3. Man on Wire (2008)

"Man on Wire" follows the story of Philipe Petit's walk between the Twin Towers in New York in 1947. The film is both exhilarating and inspiring. 

4. The West (1996)

"The West" is a documentary film about the American West. Ken Burns, the director and producer, is an Emmy Award winner who is known for his use of archival footage. 

5. Himalaya (2004)

"Himalaya" is a TV series following the travels of comedian, Michael Palin. Palin was part of the comedy group, Monty Python and is well known for his travel documentaries. "Himalaya" is insightful, thrilling, and slightly humorous.