How to navigate the caf with ease

As you wait in line, begin to mentally prepare yourself to conquer the dining hall.

Begin by surveying the menu options so you know exactly what you want to eat before you get there.

Make sure you find your friends to eat with. Plan in advance on eating dinner together and know where you're going to sit. Don't be that awkward person frantically searching for someone to sit with and if you see someone in need of a friend, invite them to sit with you.

If you're in a hurry to eat and get to class, survey what lines have the least amount of people. 

Find what you want and pile it on your plate, but remember you can always go back for more.

A salad is a healthy option when you don't find anything your in the mood to eat in the other lines. Always have a plan B.

Don't forget your drink.

Ahhhh... Now you can eat. While you're feasting, start thinking about those dessert options and what you want for your sweet ending.

Cookies are ALWAYS a great option - grab a few.

Click here for the dining hall menu.