"Holy Ghost" movie seeks to unite Christians from all walks of life

Photo Courtesy of holyghost.wpfilm.com  Darren Wilson directs "Holy Ghost," a movie led completely by the Holy Spirit.

Photo Courtesy of holyghost.wpfilm.com

Darren Wilson directs "Holy Ghost," a movie led completely by the Holy Spirit.

Jeremy Wetherton

The Vision Online Editor-in-Chief

“What if we, collectively as the church, just said, ‘Okay God, no more boxes.  No more limits.  No more … we have to control everything.’  And we just gave God total control?”  Singer/Songwriter Meredith Andrews’s quote speaks volumes about the heart of Darren Wilson, filmmaker of the new movie “Holy Ghost.”

Wilson, who has made three other Christian documentaries set all over the world, set out to make a different type of movie.  He set out to do something radical.  Wilson’s premise for the movie was simple, as he says he wants “to show up wherever [the Holy Spirit] leads me, find the adventure and make God famous.”

Wilson’s adventure begins in Salt Lake City, where Wilson, Will Hart and Jamie Galloway begin to walk the streets and pray. 

His adventure is merely beginning from there, as he heads to Monaco next with evangelist Todd White, where the Holy Spirit continues to do amazing works. 

Wilson and White then link up with Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welchman and bassist Reginald ‘Fieldy’ Arvizu to pray over fans entering the upcoming concert, speaking with athiests and Christians alike as the band members preach the gospel.

Finally, Wilson takes the trek to Varanasi, India to do the impossible.  God takes them all across the city as He orchestrates an incredible encounter in one of the highest temples for Hinduism on the Ganges River.

All in all, the movie is an incredible journey that Wilson, directed by the Holy Spirit, takes the audience on.  While the movie starts slow, it simply builds a foundation for the incredible events of the end of the movie to stand on.  With no foundation, the movie would crumble at the top.

Wilson uses an incredible number of celebrities, theologians and pastors to describe the Holy Spirit from every venture of life.  He then takes all of the knowledge built up and puts in a real world situation.  He has expertly put together both the facts and experience to provide an in- depth look at the Holy Spirit across the earth.

There is too much in this movie to possibly outline every detail, but throughout the movie, the perfectness of the Spirit and the sovereignty of God are evident in everything that the crew does.

I believe the point that Wilson is constantly trying to express is stated when theologian R.T. Kendall says “I believe, were the day to come that [the group of people on the side of] the Word and [the group of people on the side of] the Spirit were to come together, the simultaneous combination will result in spontaneous combustion and it will result in the greatest revival since Pentacost.”

Wilson is attempting to bring both sides together because he seems to believe the same truth.

The fact about this movie is simply this; God moved throughout the making of this movie and the viewing of this movie, and it is an incredible tool for learning more about the character and will of God.

Wilson will be hosting a viewing at City Church in Greenville on Sept. 28 at 6 p.m.  He, along with worship leader Jake Hamilton, will be speaking, leading worship and showing the movie.  The cost is $5, but everyone who attends will get a certificate of the same amount to the Bethel Church online store.