Difference Maker of September

Danielle Bates, Staff Writer

The Vision is naming junior Jenna Haase as the first Difference Maker of the 2014-15 school year because of her commitment to other women on campus through a Thursday-night worldview Bible study.

Haase, who is majoring in interdisciplinary studies with concentrations in linguistics and Spanish,  leads a Bible study using the Truth Project.

The Truth Project is Focus on the Family’s series of lessons on Christian Worldview, taught by Del Tackett, former president of Focus on the Family Institute and creator of the program.

Haase first heard about the Truth Project while still in high school and decided that she wanted to give women the same opportunity to gain a solid Christian worldview.

Haase wants to be a missionary, and work specifically with unreached people groups in an effort to give them Bibles in their native tongues.  She was inspired to become a missionary after going on a missions trip this past summer, where she worked with young children.

Additionally, after attending NGU’s Global Missions conference Haase said, “ I knew that I just wanted God to take me to people who need Him”.

Not only does the Truth Project address Christian worldview, but it also addresses the worldview of non believers.  Haase said she is greatful to see the worldviews of all people because she will be better able to share the gospel.

One of the main issues addressed in the video sessions is the lies that we believe.  Tackett asserts that every time we sin, we are choosing to believe a lie. 

Haase said  it is possible to fix these false beliefs. “If I can learn to replace all of those lies with the truth of my identity in Christ, then if I do my best and still receive a low mark, I have peace in knowing that I tried my best ad it’s all I have to do rather than believing the lie that I can’t do the coursework set before me.”