Students express talents at NGU coffeehouse

Miranda Bradford, Assistant Editor

On a college campus where many students are becoming independent for the first time, there is a desire to be noticed, to express one’s inner feelings, thoughts and talents; yet amidst the hustle and bustle of every day college life there is a struggle to find an opportunity to openly share to a crowd of people who care to listen, rather than becoming one of the hundreds of disregarded faces passed by.   

Through the hard work of Jamie Daughtry and the Activity Staff, NGU’s coffee house nights have allowed these students to voice their opinions, thoughts and feelings to their peers through spoken word, singing and music. 

“The coffee houses have created a relaxed setting where students can hang out in mixed company, have a change of scenery to work on homework and ultimately provide a unique atmosphere that is different from normal NGU life,” said Daughtry, director of student activities.

It has also been a great opportunity for those in the crowd who have come to watch others perform.

“NGU’s coffee house opens students eyes to experience things they haven’t before,” said Daughtry. 

In the past, Daughtry had to ask students to perform in these coffee houses, which would typically last only one hour and consist of singing and playing the guitar. 

These coffee houses were held down by Einsteins in the patio, where a lot of students chose not to go because of the weather, walk and venue. 

Because of the work of Daughtry, the coffee houses have been moved from Einstein's to the Student Center, with the addition of lights, black drapes and a better sound system to create more of a coffee house feel. 

“I enjoy attending the student-led coffee house because it reminds me of how talented the NGU student body is,” said sophomore Meg Darby. “I also love sipping on some warm tea. I wish the coffee house would be held somewhere with less distractions and better seating so everyone could enjoy.” 

Daughtry has heard this request from students and hopes to move the coffee house again because of how much it has grown. She also hopes to one day have a screening to insure good performances. 

“My desire is continually to create a unique atmosphere for students. I want them to have an opportunity to share their opinions and express their thoughts and feelings to their peers through outlets such as spoken word,” said Daughtry.