Mission Addiction: New initiative focuses on building relationships

The following is excerpted from The Vision Magazine's Fall 2014 edition.  Read the article in its entirety by picking up a copy of "The Vision" on newsstands across campus, including the library and the Stud.

Original Article by Carli Frady, The Vision Magazine Writer

Edited by Carlee Colvard, The Vision Online Assistant Editor

During the fall semester, NGU's center for cross-cultural engagement and global leadership began a new initiative to spread the Gospel.

According to Allen McWhite -- director for global missions -- big plans are in the making for NGU. He said fall of 2014 marked the first year NGU would engage in a new strategic focus through the center for cross-cultural engagement and global leadership.

McWhite said the center will focus on three distinct affinity groups: North Africa/Middle Eastern peoples, South Asian peoples and Latin Americans.

“We’re turning away from what we’ve done in the past, which is mainly where we will do anything," said McWhite,  "to now having a set task, so its more strategic." He added that NGU wants to send teams to fewer places to build a foundation of relationships.

“We want to see long-term results. We want to look at our own Judea and Samaria so that we can focus on what is near us, so we also want to go to more immigrated cities here in North America,” said McWhite.

So what does the new plan mean for NGU students? What are the hopes for the future? Nikki Clifton, associate director, center for cross-cultural engagement and global leadership, said, “My desire is for [missions] to be concrete and tangible for students in a way that they take from what they are doing. I want it to be more permanent for them, and not be just a trip or a country to mark off of a map."

She stated, “I hope God reveals Himself to the students and if they’re called to go into missions, then they do that. I would like it to permeate all throughout the campus.”