NGU's Lacrosse team "faces off" for a cause

Devan Trout, Staff Writer


The North Greenville University Lacrosse team will set off to help support and raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project, while playing their favorite game.

Face Off for a Cause is an annual event hosted at Berry College in Mt. Berry, Ga. in the Valhalla Stadium, according to the Wounded Warrior Website. This year it will be held on Saturday, Oct. 24.

Emmanuel College, Reinhardt University, Shorter University, Young-Harris College, Berry College and North Greenville University’s men lacrosse teams will be participating in this event.

Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach Corey Struss said, “It is a collaboration of six teams getting together playing lacrosse for a good cause.”

“This is actually the first year Berry College is doing this event. In the off season, Coach Gilbert approached Wounded Warrior and asked if they wanted to sponsor this event,” said Struss.

The Wounded Warrior Project is a non-profit organization that gives its proceeds to veterans from the Armed Forces.

“We aim to raise about $30,000 on the day between the six teams. We’re selling t-shirts for it, there are going to be different things going on at the tournament to raise money,” said Struss. 

Struss stated that he looks forward to this important project. 

“I’m glad to see that some of our money is going towards something that can benefit people. Within the lacrosse community, Wounded Warrior is a pretty big deal.” 

The Wounded Warrior website also stated that the referees will be donating their fees to the WWP, while Aramark Dining Services has offered to feed all attending players for free.

“It’s our first fall event. So it will be a really good opportunity to see our guys play for the first time since we brought in such a big new group this year,” said Struss. “We have 24 new players this year.”

The team is excited for this opportunity for service, Struss explained. 

“We’re all about service, we’re all about giving back. Making a difference whether it’s to one person or to a hundred people. Here at North Greenville we like to think about how it is more than academics and athletics. It’s about becoming better men."