5 gifts for your special someone at the NGU book store

Jonah Crenshaw, Staff Writer

Whether buying scantrons or a text book at the beginning of the semester, you have probably gone into the NGU book store at some point in time. But don't be fooled, there is more to the book store than just books or school supplies. If you look hard enough you can find things to surprise your special someone with. Here are five thoughtful gift ideas under $10 that you can buy without having to leave campus! 

1. Candy, prices vary

Everyone loves candy. With a large assortment of various sweet treats at the NGU book store, you can be sure you will make the right choice in satisfying your other half's sweet tooth. 

2. NGU Tumbler with Straw, 5.95

This is something we can all use while showing our school spirit and staying hydrated in style.  Let your sweetheart know you care about him or her with this simple and convenient gift. 

3. Shades, 6.95

Keep your gent or lady protected from harmful UV rays. You never know when that special someone will be in need of some shade and he or she will have you to thank for it. 

4. Handbag, 8.00

Ladies can be picky about their purses, but guys can't go wrong with the selection at the NGU book store. Plus, these hand bags are not financially demanding.  This is an affordable, yet luxurious gift that will cause your lady friend to think about you every time she uses it.

5. Picture Frame, 2.89, other prices vary

The most sentimental of gifts, a picture frame is a purchase with a memory inside. Place the picture of the two of you inside and your boyfriend or girlfriend will love it. Unless the person really likes dogs. In that case just leave it as is.