Tigerville's Country Store now open for business

Patrick Brown, Staff Writer 

You asked for it, and now its here.

For years, North Greenville University students have been looking for a place that they can go to hangout with friends and enjoy some downtime. Well their prayers were answered earlier this month when the Tigerville General Store opened its doors for the public.

As a student at North Greenville University, I can say that this store was much needed. Students needed more options outside the STUD to hangout or study. Now, they can go to the General Store and do the same thing, except with some pizza or a milkshake.

And I am not the only one who thinks this way. Deborah Houser, senior interdisciplinary major with communications and psychology, couldn’t help but show her excitement about the store.  

“I don't think it will replace the STUD, but it is a better hangout spot for those who like a more relaxed, less stressful and cluttered atmosphere. All the times I have been there so far it has been less noisy and more relaxed.”

And she is right.

But this store is more than a hangout for students, its also a place to get groceries and gas. Gas prices are fairly reasonable and will provide students the opportunity fill their tanks up closer to school instead of traveling to a gas station in Travelers Rest or Greer. Some of the grocery items in the store include cereal, bacon, candy, and some fruits and vegetables for everyone to enjoy.

“I like it has the staple food items like milk, eggs and bacon. It’s nice to be able to run down there and grab them on short notice,”said Houser.

With the new Papa John’s students can enjoy some fresh and delicious pizza at a fair price. For a slice of pizza, it is a little over $3, which seems like a lot until you see the slice. One slice of pizza can take up the plate that it comes on.  

Houser, who is a big fan of the new Papa John’s, said, “The food is amazing! The pizza is on point. I love that we have another food option, even if it isn't the healthiest.”

So, if you haven’t been to the new store, I highly recommend spending some time in there while you are in Tigerville. Who knows, it might be your new favorite place to go hang out with friends!