7 ways you know you attend NGU

Megan Conley, Assistant Editor

Scrolling through Facebook and you see it. The article guaranteed to tell you "25 things that apply to your college". While most of these prove to be accurate, North Greenville is unique and there are certain characteristics that can only be found in the hills of Tigerville. Here's seven ways you know you go to NGU.

1. Sun's out, Eno's Out

When the weather is favorable, odds are anywhere you walk you'll see someone relaxing in one of these hammocks. Whether it be for sleeping or studying, students flock to the trees to get a good location. You probably know someone that owns an Eno and have probably contemplated buying one yourself. 

2. Jesus is a person and a place

“Meet me at Jesus!” Yes, North Greenville is a Christian school and Christ is at the center of everything we do, but He is also at the center of our campus. The statue not only serves as a reminder of our Savior, but also as a meeting place for friends. 

3. Your room is always clean on Tuesday

Ah, room checks. The silent lurker of every Tuesday, reminding you to sweep the floor and clean the mirror. You've most likely forgotten at least once and bribed your roommate into making your bed. Or gotten the dreaded yellow sheet of paper.

4. Wednesday means fried chicken and long lines


It is a known fact that you will be eating fried chicken and mac ‘n cheese every Wednesday and that you will probably be waiting for it. The line can be stretched out the doors of the caf, but you don’t care because you know it’ll be worth waiting for.

5. Everything you own has sleeves

All the clothes in your closet either have I.D. length sleeves or you have something you wear to cover them. You probably even find yourself passing on clothes while shopping because you know you won't be able to wear them on campus. 

6. Chacos are everywhere

Whether you wear them or not, you rarely go a day on campus without seeing someone sporting the sandals. On rainy days, you can be sure that almost all Chaco-lovers will be putting the waterproof shoes to good use. 

7. Your closet is filled with Red and Black

From freshman orientation to the last days of senior year, you've been given more school t-shirts than you can count. You've probably bought some yourself, so showing your school spirit is never a hard task. You also have more red jewelry than anything else, but it doesn't matter because you'll always look super cute and supportive on game days.