The Lowdown on Crusader Club

Alex Forster, Staff Writer 


 You may have heard of the North Greenville University Crusader Club at some point, but you may not know exactly what the club entails. The Crusader Club acts as a fundraiser for the athletic teams at NGU. By donating money to NGU through the Crusader Club, members can help student-athletes receive scholarships.

There are benefits to being a part of the Crusader Club based on how much members give. For example, a student who gives $25 will receive a t-shirt and some stickers. A member who makes a larger donation, such as $5,000, receives polo shirts, tickets to athletic events, priority parking at certain football games and two spots in the fall alumni golf tournament. For those who make a donation of $20,000 dollars or more, a full scholarship is provided to a student-athlete. These donors also receive president box seats for football games and spots for two teams in the golf tournament.

In a letter to potential members, Director of Athletics at NGU, Jan McDonald said, “By joining, our members receive the personal satisfaction of knowing that they are providing life-changing scholarships to deserving student-athletes and helping our athletic teams excel on and off the playing field."

For those looking for a way to support NGU athletics and stay connected even after graduation, the Crusader Club could be just the thing for you.