Introducing the iSportz app for NGU athletics

Sammy Dewey, Senior Writer

Graphic by Sammy Dewey

Graphic by Sammy Dewey

If you have been wondering if there is a better way to keep up with North Greenville Athletics, look no further than the new iSportz app for NGU that was introduced earlier in August. Available free for iPhone and Android users, this app allows for easy access to be updated on everything with Crusader sports.

A senior American Studies major, Stuart Floyd said, “I got the app in order to look up rosters for our sports teams when I was at the events. I don’t frequently use the app very often, but it’s nice to have at the games.”

Provided by iSportz Athletics and powered by iSmart Mobile Marketing, this application’s purpose is to be customized to fit the needs of many youth leagues, middles schools, high schools and colleges across the nation. This will enable athletic programs to use new tools to help generate additional revenues for their teams by ways of monthly or yearly options through mobile scholarship opportunities as well as mobile advertising revenue.

With over 75 percent of the world’s population being mobile subscribers because of the continuing rise of technology, print ads are becoming scarce and this app gives quick, easy access to all able consumers.

This app allows NGU fans ease of access to official NGU social media, latest team news, scoring updates, RSS feeds, schedules for all 19 NGU varsity athletic teams, statistics and rosters.

While very innovative, this app is still fairly new and working through some issues. Floyd also said, “The app itself is clunky, but has improved. When it first came out it did not format to an iPhone well at all, they have fixed that now.”

The app would also benefit greatly from some new updates to include some things not offered by the app.

Floyd said, “I wish they would add links to the opposing team’s roster so I would have to Google them and a real time score feature would be awesome so I could keep up with the action when I wasn’t at the games.”

This app benefits both the athletic organizations and the fans as we move toward a more interactive way for the fans to stay connected.