5 Ways to Show School Spirit During Football Season

Cortney Williams , Staff Writer

Football season is here, and for students there are always ways to show your school spirit during the games.

1. Wearing your school’s color is one common way to show school spirit. For girls a North Greenville Sweater, a red dress, or even red, white, or black accessories is a stylish and easy way to show you have school spirit. For boys a red, black or white bow tie, a North Greenville sweater or hat.

2. Write a cool, funny or simple sign for the game. Make it noticeable, relative and catchy.

3. Body paint is also common to use for games. Putting the face paint on your cheek or stomach is way to show school spirit also. There are numerous things you can put on your body such as: the abbreviation “NGU," or a player’s number or something the team always chants.

4. Start tailgating with friends. Put up a tent and some chairs and bring food and music and socialize

5. Join the student section with your friends, make up chants, start the wave around the stadium and be loud.

Graphic by Victoria McNorrill

Graphic by Victoria McNorrill