Adore: Chris Tomlin's New Chart-Topping Christmas Album

Christian Segers, Staff Writer

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Chris Tomlin masterfully creates an atmosphere of Christmas worship on his newest album.

In an age where nearly all popular Christian artists release their own takes on Christmas albums, Chris Tomlin releases his own project entitled, Adore: Songs of Worship.

Tomlin, 43, has released over 30 projects during the course of his illustrious career, yet his voice remains at the forefront of the Christian/Gospel genre. In the music business, it is considered extremely successful to remain relevant for a decade. With new musical acts and talent emerging every day, it has become increasingly difficult for artists to remain in the spotlight. However, nearly three decades after his freshman debut, Tomlin has managed to remain not only relevant, but remain a worship necessity without constantly reinventing himself like other artists.

With numerous GMA Dove Awards, a GRAMMY Award, 22 Christian and Gospel Billboard Top 10's (tied for first among all Christian and Gospel acts) and millions of albums sold to his credit, Tomlin has become somewhat of a banner holder for a genre that constantly pumps out an array of artists, many of whom sound similar to the next.

Tomlin’s latest project, a live worship Christmas album appropriately titled, "Adore: Songs of Worship," immediately rocketed to Billboard’s Christian & Gospel Albums top slot upon its Oct. 23 release.

"Adore" follows 2009s "Glory in the Highest," Tomlin’s first attempt at constructing a Christmas masterpiece. Although his first was successful by industry standards (No. 1 on Billboard’s Holiday albums chart), Tomlin’s newest outing successfully eclipses the old in terms of production value and overall mood.

The album’s first standout cut is the title track, “Adore.” “Adore” is a piano ballad set against a soft acoustic strum, that creates a stunning background melody for Tomlin’s lead vocals as he and an accompanying choir sing a new rendition of the classic hymn, “O Come Let Us Adore Him.”

Following “Adore” is “Noel,” features recording artist Lauren Daigle. The song starts off with Daigle singing softly with a building crescendo leading up to the chorus. Upon the chorus’ arrival, Daigle nails the tracks high notes, immediately validating Tomlin’s faith in her capabilities. Oddly enough, “Noel” is completely sung by Daigle, without any vocal assistance from Tomlin himself.

“Silent Night” and “Bethlehem” are nice modern takes on classic anthems, but it is the set's closing track that shines the brightest.

“There is this moment on the record. It’s called ‘A Christmas Alleluia.’ I picture myself around the throne of God, just singing alleluia, which means praise to God,” Tomlin said. 

Singing once more over a choir, Tomlin echoes what the Christmas season is really all about with the lyrics, “Christ, the savior of the world, he has come.”

“I hope you sense the good news and the great joy [on this record]," Tomlin said. " I hope you sense the beauty of Christmas, the grace that Christmas is to the world. That’s what I want people to know on this album."

With multiple standout tracks on an album that exemplifies the quintessential event of Christ’s birth, Tomlin joyously conveys the grace that he is so eager to sing about.