10 Reasons to be thankful for NGU

Jonah Crenshaw, Staff Writer

At North Greenville University, there are many things to be thankful for. Here are 10 reasons to be thankful as a Crusader.

1. Christian atmosphere

Whether it is walking to class or playing intramural sports with your friends, you can't help but notice the atmosphere at NGU. Something about it is different. It's a comfortable environment where it feels right. 

2. Place away from the world

Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, NGU is placed in a great location. It isn't too far from Greenville or Asheville, but it is far enough to feel like it's a place of its own. It is secluded, but not too far from civilization.

3. The size

NGU has roughly 2,500 students. This has proved to be a great size for NGU because it creates a sense of community. This also allows classrooms to be a good size for getting the most out of your classes.

4. Professors

With smaller classes, there is the opportunity to have relationships with professors unlike other schools. What is awesome is that NGU professors want to have relationships with you. Whether it's praying for you, helping you with class or just learning about you as a person, the professors at NGU are definitely a blessing.

5. Chapel

Chapel is often overlooked for different reasons. However, chapel is something to be thankful for. It provides a time of worship and messages from impactful speakers to help students grow in their walk with the Lord.

6. Prayer

Not only is NGU a place where you can openly pray, but people pray for you, whether it's professors, coaches or fellow students. NGU is a place where there is always someone praying for you.

7. Scenery

NGU is in a beautiful place. There are places to see incredible views around NGU, both on campus and at surrounding locations. Often overlooked, the beauty of NGU is something to be thankful for every day -- even on your way to class.

8. Campus life

There is always something going on, whether it is a sporting event, intramural game, movie on the lawn or Baptist Student Union (BSU). There is always something happening and somewhere to get involved.

9. Athletics

When most people think of a Christian college, they don't really think sports. However, that's not the case at NGU. Competing at the NCAA Division II level, NGU has a lot to offer sports enthusiasts. The other great thing is that NGU is successful in its athletics. 

10. The experience

The real thing that sticks out about NGU is the experience. The experience has everything to do with chapel, sports, the dining hall, BSU, dorm life and everything in between. It is an experience that can only be fully appreciated if you are a Crusader.