REVIEW: Krispy Kreme's New Rival?

 Photo by Abbi Webb 

Photo by Abbi Webb 

Patrick Brown, Staff Writer

There might be some new competition for major donut chains with the recent opening of the Donut Experiment in Greenville.

The name of the shop is an insight on what to expect when you walk in the doors of the quaint shop on Augusta Sreet. The Donut Experiment puts the customer in charge of what he or she wants. Owners, Shawn and Cecilia Wampole, said that the goal of the shop was to get people to create their own donut experience.

And they have done just that. 

The Donut Experiment offers over 340 different types of donuts that change on a daily basis. The only donuts that stay consistently on the menu are the original, key lime and Sriracha donuts. But picking the type of donut is only the first part of this experience. 

Next you have to decide what type of glaze you want on the donut. The Donut Experiment offers chocolate, caramel, maple, vanilla and original glaze that can be topped on any donut of your choice. We haven't even gotten to the best part of this experience -- the toppings.

The Donut Experiment has some familiar toppings that most people have tried with donuts before: coconut, sprinkles, cinnamon sugar and powder sugar. However, the Donut Experiment takes toppings to the next level with options such as oreos, fruity pebbles, candy bars and bacon.

Emma Back, a junior broadcast media major at North Greenville University, went with me to try the donuts at the Donut Experiment.

"The environment of the restaurant was just as good as the donuts were," said Beck.

Beck tried the maple bacon donut that the shop offers and said it was to "die for."

However, a coffee lover at the core, Beck said there was one thing that was missing from her experience. 

"I wish there was either a coffee donut or you could have coffee grounds on the donut," she said.

To give your taste buds a spin, try the original donut with vanilla glaze and fruity pebbles as a topping. The real kicker? This donut cost less than two dollars.

If you are looking for a place for a quick coffee date, or a place to satisfy your donut craving, go to The Donut Experiment, and experience the experiment yourself.

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