OPINION: Paris Under Siege

Christian Segers, Staff Writer

  This file is licensed under the creative commons attribution-share alike 3.0 unproved license

This file is licensed under the creative commons attribution-share alike 3.0 unproved license

Before the the Nov. 12 suicide bombings in Beirut, Lebanon had time to be fully comprehended, Paris became the location for the next ISIS target the next day, leaving over 129 dead and wounding hundreds more, according to The Independent.

The attack was multi-faceted, as the central focus was in the neighborhood where the Stade de France is located. The neighborhood, Saint-Denis, houses one of the biggest venues the European country has to offer with the stadium being in its vicinity. The majority of deaths were from the area surrounding the stadium, as the structure serves as a “hub” for the people of France. The four remaining locations were closer in proximity than the first, as the final four concentrated on Paris’ central downtown area.

According to a statement issued by ISIS shortly after the tragedy, the reasoning behind the Paris attacks centered around the country’s involvement with both the Iraqi and Syrian civil wars (ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria). As a strong believer in the totalitarian domination of the human species by radical Islam, ISIS did and continues to persecute those who play any part in the disruption of their chaotic and corrupt agenda. Consequently, instead of showing the tolerance that is stressed in traditional Islamic teaching, they consistently use their hatred to plan out further terrorist acts.

The attacks serve as the biggest act of terror to involve France since World War II and the most casualties in a European targeted terrorist attack since the Madrid train bombings of 2004. Although a terrible tragedy, perhaps France can unite the remainder of the world together in the form of a coalition to destroy the feared organization that ISIS has become.

France is America’s oldest ally, dating back to the Revolutionary War, where France’s support played an integral role in the final steps to independence from Great Britain. Consequently, America will reportedly aid the French in their newly pronounced “War on ISIS.” President Obama has pledged to aid France in its efforts to avenge its lost countrymen, but the exact measures to be taken have become somewhat elusive.

Thankfully, it will not just be America that comes to the rescue as Russia has pledged to join the fight due to one of its jets reportedly being shot down by the Syrian based terror organization. However, while Russia has continued to employ the use of cruise missiles against the self-proclaimed ISIS capital of Raqqa, the United States has done little but praise Russia’s efforts.

There is truth in the old saying that there is strength in numbers. It is time that we as a world leader quit sitting with our hands tied and take up arms with our allies to combat ISIS while we (finally) share common interest with the only other legitimate world superpower: Russia. America has perhaps the largest weapons arsenal in the world and we must utilize at least a fraction of it before we forego the opportunity.

American leaders respond to the outpouring of those who elected them to office in the first place. It is through voicing our individual opinions to our leaders via phone, email, letter etc., that we can become a whole greater than the sum of its parts.

However the job gets done, no matter the cost, ISIS must be stopped. It is not only imperative to the safety and the well being of Americans at home and abroad, but to those who have no protection from the onslaughts of the terrorist organization that are sure to continue if not stopped by a superior force.

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