LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Benghazi political ammo indeed

photo from unsplash.com

photo from unsplash.com

Zebadiah Blackwell


The 2012 Benghazi attacks should not be used as “political ammo” as The Vision Online staff writer Alex Forster stated in “A Beginner’s Guide to Benghazi,” on Oct. 31. Four Americans lost their lives, including an ambassador of our great nation. We the people should be remembering those who are deceased. However, in recent events, Benghazi is still being used to fuel political fires on both sides of the field.

A hearing between Hilary Clinton and a select panel, composed of mostly Republican politicians, occurred on Oct. 22.  The eight-hour hearing provided no new developments in the discovery of the events that occurred prior to and during the Benghazi attacks. While no new answers were found, the environment presented a platform for both Clinton and her Republican rivals for the upcoming presidential election, as both parties decided to take time out of the long day to use questions about Benghazi to support their stance on strong political issues.

Many allegations were made against Clinton, and her fellow Democrats, for their lack of response to the requests for security improvements at the American embassy in Benghazi. Clinton responded that the deceased ambassador had not communicated with Clinton’s staff members but with security professionals. According to Clinton’s explanation, the embassy’s security was not up to par, and communication was not clear. Americans are dead, and the politicians keep pointing fingers towards different scapegoats.

The Benghazi attack was tragic, and I commend Mr. Forster for providing readers with the information, because we should know what happened in the attacks, and we should not forget those who died for our country. 

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