Five Ways to Deal With Stress During Finals

Devan Trout, Staff Writer 

With the semester coming to a close, many students fear the looming stress of final exams.

North Greenville University has decided to bring in puppies on Dec. 3 from 2:45 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. to offset some of the anxiety that comes with final exams. However, everyone deals with stress differently, including these five ways.

1. Knitting

Since when did your best friend know how to knit or crochet? Many people feel like picking up a new craft is not only enjoyable but productive as well (at least productive as you can be when you're avoiding studying.)

2. Sleeping

Cole Bryson dozes off peacefully.

Cole Bryson dozes off peacefully.

Whether it's in the library or in the caf, students will make just about anywhere the perfect spot to catch up on their sleep and forget about that three page paper they have due the next day. 

3. Over Eating

If you managed to avoid gaining the 'freshman 15,' you may not be so successful during final exams. Many students will turn to their favorite comfort food as a way to cope.

4. Crying

Logan Brown thinks back to the peaceful days of summer.

Logan Brown thinks back to the peaceful days of summer.

As you walk through campus you will see many tears shed as students think about finals. However, once these people have expressed their fears through the salty liquid pouring through their eyes, they are able to study on.

5. Shopping

For some, shopping for clothes, video games or gadgets can be a way to distract themselves from the fact that they need to be studying. Shopping is simply a way to offset the fear of failing in most cases.