Humans of NGU: Amanda Smoak

Amanda Smoak by Jacob Sanders.jpg

Jacob Sanders, Contributing Writer

     Colleges do not operate all by themselves. They have to have many people who are willing to sacrifice their time to make sure that everything runs smoothly. 

     Amanda Smoak is from Greer, S.C. and has lived there all her life. She works as a chef in the Stud at North Greenville University. She came to work at NGU because her sister-in-law Carrie works in the cafeteria. When she saw that the Stud had an open position, she decided to take the job. She now dons the black and white chef uniform as she runs the cash register, takes orders, cooks food and other tasks. Her happy smile, brown hair and green eyes greet hungry students as they come into satisfy their unquenchable hunger for hamburgers, fries, milkshakes and many other things the Stud has to offer. Her favorite part of working in the Stud is getting to know the students. 

     "You get to talk to all the people," Smoak said. "You meet all kinds."