Humans of NGU: Justin Mathis

Kimbrell Lee, Contributing Writer

     Coffee, Netflix and naps keep most College students going Monday through Friday. Justin Mathis has a person that keeps him moving through college and, no, it's not his mother.  

      In the comfort of The Vibe radio station, Mathis shared parts of his family that few know about.  “My younger brother has autism and epilepsy and I didn’t have time to be a quote on quote regular teenager. I think that was just God’s way of teaching me things early on in life,” said Mathis.

     Mathis is now a senior broadcast media student, but his senior year of high school he dealt with something that has made him into the person he is today. “It took me until I was a senior year in high school to realize that my brother was actually a blessing to me and my family. Yeah, I said I love him, but deep down I don’t know what was going on with me. I’m a whole lot better for it.” 

      All North Greenville students hope to cross the finish line, but how we get there is always a different story. “My brother is one of the big components that keep me going everyday, day in and day out,” Mathis concluded.