Humans of NGU: Megan Conley


Alex Miller, Contributing Writer

     For Megan Conley, sophomore print media major, Disney movies provided more than Halloween costume ideas or opportunities for sing-alongs. Disney gave her a sunny view on life and inspiration to find a little pixie dust in every moment, even when villainous shadows loom around her. Disney movies told her that dreams do come true, and she’s never stopped believing that since. 

     “I’ve been watching Disney since I was a little kid,” Conley said. “I’ve always loved that they allow me to go to another land. When I watched a Disney movie, I wasn't in my living room. I was running away with Cinderella as the clock struck midnight or searching for thingamabobs under the sea with Ariel. Sure, every little girl wants to be a princess; I was no different. But these stories encouraged me to have a brighter outlook on life and to search for the happy ending in every situation,” she continued.