Humans of NGU: Sidnee the Sandwich Artist

Shay Carlson, Contributing Writer

Sandwich artist by day and pencil artist by night; there is more to this food operator than meets the eye. Sidnee, an employee of NGU’s grill finds her passions lie outside of food preparation and inside her imagination. 

“My favorite thing about myself is that I can draw,” Sidnee responds deftly when posed questions about herself. With the gentle shyness of of a gazelle grazing on the open Savanah, Sidnee is reluctant to delve deeper into the dream pool of her life much deeper than her creative talents.  

A native of South Carolina, Sidnee first discovered her passion for art when taking a class in high school, “I had never been much good at art as a child, but when I was given a few skills to hone, I actually found that it was something I was good at” said Sidnee, a slow smile creeping over her placid face. Despite her artistic passion being nothing more than a hobby at this point, it is clear to see that below her cool exterior lies an enthusiasm for her passion big enough to rival the enthusiasm of spotting any double rainbow.

While a future career in art is nothing currently on Sidnee’s horizon, the consolation her art provides her satiates her everyday life and keeps the imaginative juices flowing in even the most mundane everyday tasks.