Humans of NGU: The Cool Cat, Kyle Packard

Jonathan Shorter, Contributing Writer

     In an era of office jobs and computer work there is not much time for adventure and experiencing the simpler things in life. Despite the odds Kyle Packard finds the time to explore the world and immerse himself in voyages. 

     Packard has been on many trips around the U.S. and around the rest of the world. He has ventured to Haiti, Costa Rica and other foreign countries. Out of all these trips his most memorable was a trip around the U.S. to stay with friends, camp and meet new people. He said that these trips are what he enjoys the most in life, and even if they don’t go as planned they are still worth it. 

     "There was a time on the Circle around America trip that we were supposed to stay with a guy in New Mexico, but he bailed and we couldn’t find any hotels or other places to stay. So we decided to drive out into the desert. We were in kind of crappy moods because we were tired and cold, but once we got on top of the car and saw the stars it was more relaxing. We stayed up all night and just looked at the stars. It was negative at the time, but looking back it was good, it was memorable," said Packard.