Humans of NGU: Travis Beaty

Curt Painter, Contributing Writer

     Travis Beaty is a hard working young man. As a junior sport management major, he is taking a full course load. When he is not furiously slaying homework assignments, he work-studies in the business office. Beaty is also the president of the Sport Management club on campus. With all of these extracurricular activities, Beaty still finds time to work at Bi-Lo in Traveler’s Rest. Travis Beaty is a busy guy, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have hopes or dreams.  

     “I guess this is on my bucket list. It’s something I’ve always to do. Definitely something I want to do. I want to kiss a news reporter on the cheek during a live broadcast!”  

     Always a busy guy but the funniest person around, he laughs and asks if that was good enough. I told him it was. Actually, it’s perfect.  

     And yes, ladies, he is single.