Humans of NGU: Alex Miller

Megan Conley, Assistant Editor

Alex Miller, Sophomore Print Media Major 

      She runs into her room and shuts the door. She picks up her purple fuzzy journal and begins to write ferociously. “This one is gonna be good,” she thinks to herself. As she brings it to her mom, she’s so proud of what she did. “One day, I’m gonna write a bunch of stories.” 

      Fast forward 10 years and the 8 year old little girl has turned into Alex Miller, college student. She’s traded in her purple journal for a Mac, but her love for writing is something that will never change.  

      “I guess I just loved the idea that words can put you into another world if you want to or you can be a part of someone else’s story or insert yourself into that story. But now, me wanting to be a writer one day and write my own books, I just like the idea of stories in general and that you can experience a lot of different areas of the world just by talking to people and writing about it,” she said. 

     The idea of stories in general is something that fascinates Miller and she knows the power that words can have in society.  

     “I think a lot of times this world is known for judging people before they really know them. When you talk to someone you can actually figure out why they are the way they are. It’s not always a bad thing that has brought them to that place. It gives you a lot more compassion for people than you would otherwise have.”