Humans of NGU: Ethan McConnell

Victoria Pujdak, Staff Writer

     Ministering to middle schooler's can be adventure, at least it has been for Ethan McConnell of Marietta, S.C. 

     McConnell is currently pursuing a degree in Christian Studies at North Greenville University. After graduation, McConnell hopes to obtain a seminary degree from RTCS in Charlotte, N.C., and eventually move back to Greenville to minister at a local church. 

     A former eagle scout and national debater, McConnell has a long history of teaching and leadership 

     While participating in a multi-player computer game with his friends, McConnell described his new endeavors with teaching middle schoolers at Second Presbyterian Church in downtown Greenville. 

     McConnell has recently been hired as a intern by Second Presbyterian Church to teach and lead middle school Sunday school classes. He usually has the opportunity to minister to up to 16 middle school teenagers. McConnell views this venture as a great way to receive valuable knowledge about ministry. 

     "Its been really cool to see the kids learning. I have learned a ton of stuff from the kids and its been really cool," said McConnell.