Humans of NGU: Melanie Rice

Melanie Rice (left) & Maria Zerga (right)

Melanie Rice (left) & Maria Zerga (right)

Sammy Dewey, Senior Writer

     Melanie Rice is a junior marketing major at North Greenville University and lives just nearby in Traveler's Rest, S.C.

     "I have a best friend, her name is Maria Zerga. We go way back. It was in K-5 at the school carnival when we ran out of tickets for the games. We got the great idea to collect what little money we had to buy another ticket. Unfortunately, we only had 50 cents and a ticket cost $1. We tried to convince the lady selling the tickets to give us half of a ticket for fifty cents. She wouldn't sell us one,' explained Rice.

     This was her first memory that she can remember of Maria and her. "It's a simple one, but it was the first of many," said Rice. They have made so many memories since then.

     Rice and Zerga are roommates here at NGU and have made many more memories since her first memory she has of them. They grew up at the same school, went through middle school together and have cried and laughed together on so many different adventures.

     Rice also says, "One of our favorite songs is 'Long Live' by Taylor Swift, and my favorite line is 'I've had the time of my life fighting dragons with you.' I'm glad I have Maria to fight dragons with."