Humans of NGU: Sam Helms

Rondo Thompson, Staff Writer

     Coming to college everyone comes from very diverse backgrounds, families and lifestyles. We all are different inside and out, but one thing that we all can share and have in common is that we all have a story to tell.

     Sam Helms is a junior at North Greenville University and is a biology major; Helms was born in a Monroe, N.C., but his family moved back and forth in the Carolinas and eventually settled down to where he lives now in Kershaw, S.C. 

     Helms is tall with red hair and a red beard; his heritage is German and Irish. During high school Helms played varsity soccer and was in ROTC. He is an avid video gamer and in his free time his favorite game to play is “League of Legends”. Helms plans to attend to medical school after graduation in hopes to become and medical doctor, he also wants to pursue a career in medical research.