Difference Maker of the month: Laura Police

Photo taken by Michael Tregelles

Photo taken by Michael Tregelles

Megan Conley, Staff Writer

While most students may just see her as the girl behind the counter at Einstein’s, this month's difference maker does more than fill students’ coffee orders.

Sophomore Laura Police has been working at Einstein’s Bagels for a year and a half, since the beginning of her freshman year. Though she’s an expert at lattes and frappes, there is much more to this dedicated worker than meets the eye. An English major, Police isn’t just working for a paycheck, but is striving towards larger goals for her future.

“After college, I want to go to law school. There’s some non-profits I’m interested in, maybe helping out with legal issues. I want to help people and make a positive impact,” said Police.

When she’s not taking orders, Police spends her time off trying to relax and experiment with the unknown.

“[In my free time] I sleep, and I like hanging out with new people and trying new things,” said Police.

Einstein’s isn't the first method of employment that Police has experienced. She learned from a young age the value of hard work.

“I've been working since eighth grade. I've been at Einstein’s for a while and worked with a lot of different people, so it’s taught me a consistency in work ethic and patience,” said Police.

Though sometimes the work can be tiring, Police notes that her job at the bagel shop has given her more than just a paycheck.

“It has given me a common ground with people I would not have spoken to otherwise. I’ve made really good friends with the people there, whereas we would’ve never met. I’m not the most personable person, and maybe that makes a difference,” said Police.

Through her time at Einstein’s, Laura has interacted with hundreds of different students. Police believes that these interactions have had a very unique impact on her life.

“Einstein’s gives me a common ground to understand people's lives and thoughts and experiences that I would have not had a chance to understand otherwise. People, even coworkers, can't be put into boxes. They're complex and honestly quite beautiful. People want to be listened to and understood and I get the chance to hear them out,” said Police.

When it comes to the wait times at the coffee joint, Police had some words from the perspective behind the counter.

“Don’t be too hard with us because we are human beings. If you ask us kindly, we will help you,” said Police.