NGU Students Open Doors for the Professional World

Internships can provide students with references for future jobs.

Internships can provide students with references for future jobs.

Victoria McNorrill, Staff Writer

Goals are set, classes are taken, graduation looms on the horizon while getting hired is just an idea. Through it all, an internship can provide students with experience of the work environment to build confidence 

In a 2013 study, the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found two-thirds of the class of 2013 participated in an internship. The NACE researchers also found a strong, positive correlation to the amount students with internships and the amount of students who had a job before graduation.

Senior English major Emily Drake interned last summer at a non-profit company Out of the Darkness.

With her internship with Out of the Darkness residential department, Drake was able to work with two social workers, driving the women to doctor’s appointments, and leading devotions for the women.

“A lot of people wanted the internship. I was really persistent,” said Drake, “They told me later my persistence is what got me the job."

As Youth Ministry majors, students such as Frank Gossett, are required to take an internship class when they reach the level of a junior and senior.

Gossett, junior, was able to find an internship at his home church in Simpsonville with the youth program.

“I build relationships with the kids and preach in the Sunday school,” Gossett said, “I am able to communicate well with the youth pastor. We’ll shoot ideas [for the youth program] off each other.”

Websites such as and Campus Jobs are available for all college students to search local and national internships.